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Pilates works the whole body, emphasising control, precision and concentration in both the mind and body. This technique helps to strengthen the deep,supporting postural muscles of the spine, pelvis and limbs restoring correct posture and alignment through the body, and allowing movement to occur freely from a stable centre or 'core'.
The low impact nature of Pilates makes it ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Benefits include improved posture and muscle tone, reduced stress and rehabilitation from injury.
Come and join our small and friendly classes.

Classes include Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced levels plus Easy does it for those who wish to exercise at a more sedate pace.

Classes usually run for a 6 week period and are  for 1 hour.
Contact Colette Oberle on 07708 411076 for Intermediate/Advanced on Tuesdays.
Contact Debbie Simms on 07946 640 885 or Cara Fishburn on 07808 064 641 for details of class dates and times on Wednesdays.
One to one sessions are also available.
Contact Colette Oberle on 07708 411 076 for Beginners on Thursdays.
Please ring to confirm space in class before attending for the first time.

For details of classes on Tuesdays please contact Mary Clinging on 01244 319509.


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